When the people from "Escotilha" sent me the project for this cover, I knew in a few moments that it would be something incredible and different. I love challenges and this cover was a pleasant and very exciting challenge to produce. The author David Lindsay throws you into a utopian and at the same time philosophical world, Tornance where the story takes place has a galactic system very different from ours, with a double star system, that's what made me very inspired to illustrate the cover.

The history of the planet of Tormance has a double star system, where we have a large star that illuminates the southern region and another smaller star that illuminates the countries to the north, looking at this we will have a very interesting range of possibilities for creation. The characters are almost always moving towards the light, here we can think of the warm and vivid tones, which guide these characters and distance them from the mysterious and cold tones. This game of hot and cold was used for the illustration, mixing it a little with the characteristics of the characters presented in the book.

The idea was to bring a great visual impact, to build a “chain” that would guide the eye starting from the upper right corner of the cover to the lower left of the back cover. The colors in this "stream" start vibrant and hot that bathe a morbid and utopian scene of dead aliens over a desert. At the end of this chain, everything fades and the colors become cold and we can see a little more of the planet that these aliens live on, and we also see a little of our main character in the midst of a bodily transformation. I believe that the illustration should feed or arouse the reader's curiosity for the story, create questions, theories and questions that will only be answered when he finishes immersing himself in reading.